There is not a single cross-section view that can produce a classification in a given area. The same holds true for the PropTech.

Indeed, Bulgaria: PropTech & ConTech Mapping Report is not aimed at coming up with an elaborate analysis, rather it means to give the big picture view on the Bulgarian PropTech industry, alongside the major findings needed to answer the big question ‘Who is Who in the Zoo’.

It is for a purpose that the classification of companies within the sector factors in findings of critical value only. Our next report will set the focus at a premium on other layers.

The classification we made keeps pace with the construction life-cycle, accordingly, the real-estate life-cycle. Of preference, we classified PropTech & ConTech companies in Bulgaria within this spectrum; reason being, it helps to figure out which market niches have been intensely penetrated, and which remain free.


Sylvia Pavlova MBA CMC Assoc CIPD

Sylvia Pavlova has over 8 years’ experience in the Construction and Real Estate industries. She has been head of complex management projects, inclusive of restructuring business units in distressed condition; economic researches of factors that might impact FDI in particular municipal regions, etc.

Alongside, for 6 years now, Sylvia has been an international startup mentor for startup companies in the UK, UAE, Greece, Bulgaria, and Austria.

She graduated her MBA degree at the OUBS, UK in 2013. The MBA program ranks in top 1 % of all MBA programs in the world.

She is also a CMC, i.e. an internationally certified management consultant. Since 2017 she has also been a registered consultant in Strategy and Business Development with ‘Advise for Small Business’ Program of EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development).

Sylvia is also the Co-Founder of PrEXCELerator ( and the Managing Partner of Strategy+ Business Lab (

She is also the Co-Chairwoman of the Management Board of PropTech & ConTech Cluster, Bulgaria.

George Halachev is the co-founder and chief executive of Proper Tech which is a company developing the automated property and facility management application called bilid. For 20 years now, he has been assisting businesses in their try to make the best and the most of software technologies to boost their business. Plus, he is a mentor and a scout at LauncHub Ventures – early stage VC fund

Dipl. Eng. Georgi Totev, MSc graduated as an expert in Construction of Buildings and Plant Facilities from the University of Construction Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy in Sofia. He is a Managing Partner of AlphaStruct – a design-engineering company in the business of computation and development of complete design engineering services with the application of BIM technologies. He is an expert in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, BIM Modelling, and Design Engineering.

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