Online Business Breakthroughs, or How to sell online the crap of your products and services | International perspective


Mr. Piskov is the CEO and Managing Partner of Mentor Coach Partners – an Online Business consulting, implementation and operation agency.

Mr. Piskov, or Ivo, as most of MCP clients know him, is an Online Business and Internet Sales expert, highly skilled wizard, consultant, coach and mentor.

His passion is helping companies, owners, and individuals win new online business, solve online sales problems, fix their online businesses, and significantly increasing the bottom lines of thousands of clients in hundreds of industries.

Known for his hands-on, down to earth, no-bullshit approach and his ability to apply simple, practical, tested, effective, and easy-to-implement power-sale concepts, over the last 15+ years, Ivo has become a trusted adviser to 5000+ clients in 450+ industries worldwide. Ivo has been repeatedly recognized and praised by his clients as one of the top online business marketing strategists, online business innovators, internet sales entrepreneurial advisers/mentors, and masters of revenue, performance enhancement and acceleration.

Ivo and his team have identified the patterns that drive online business growth as well as those that restrict growth, and they have developed unique ways to apply these online business strategies, best practices and quick-wins to virtually any online and internet business.

Come and meet Ivo and have a glance into the wealth of information he and his teams have acquired over the years, dealing with almost every imaginable online business problem a business might have. This lecture will take you thru some of the best practice strategies, quick wins, and online sales methods and shortcuts that work in different situations and that could be applied to virtually any online business, including yours.

Event Language: English
Entrance: free access with a seat reservation in advance, not later than 12/08/2019.
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