Press Release:

Bulgarian PropTech Business Show on RE:Connect 3.0 is coming on 24 June

Undoubtedly, we live in interesting times. Supply exceeds demand in some real estate categories like office spaces, and other CRE categories. Longer deal cycles are no longer typical for construction only, but for real estate, too. These adverse circumstances drive nothing less than the consolidation of industry sectors players. No longer corporates or larger scaleups acquire smaller players, but we see corporates shop for other corporate companies.

Tenants and buyers want more and ever more personalized offers and services in order to take the decision to buy or rent from you. Such a pressure.

Though to some extent, we got used to the pandemic consequences, obviously, some things in our hindsight surprise us. We are even more surprised by the fast movement of some same or other sector players. Unmistakably, fewer and yet fewer people still think that waiting till the dust settles down is a sane option.

This is why we @PropTech Bulgaria constantly sense the pulse on how industry sectors transform. Different sectors get changed in different pace and cycle time, or better by different clockspeed. And everything gets shifted.

  • At RE:Connect 1.0 on 7/01/2021 we sensed what’s going on in Smart Cities/Buildings/Home, Tourism Tech and Health Tech as related to the property realm.

  • At RE:Connect 3.0 on 24/06/2021 we will feel the pulse on the overlap of FinTech & PropTech, and we’ll extend to ConTech. Furthermore, we will showcase the latest research we’ve completed on how the Bulgarian PropTech landscape has changed in the turbulence of 2020.

  • At RE:Connect 4.0 on 16/09/2021 we will flash a number of startup companies which completely turned their business model upside down and vice versa in order to surf the edge of pandemic chaos, some very successfully heading the rising waves. Moreover, we will track the latest trends in European PropTech funding, and which business models are considered future-proof, as displayed by blackPrint Booster, the leading PropTech VC in DACH and beyond.

And finally, when we summed it up, we will have collected bespoke expertise from 30 experts in Europe.

Not to forget mentioning something very important. Just because we will be talking over serious topics, doesn’t mean we will not amuse and entertain ourselves and you. This is why we have chosen to make all our sessions as the Bulgarian PropTech Business Show. We will definitely, have fun!

All this we are doing just for you – to get a better idea on how to navigate your business in raging waters, and get the right contacts you can reference to. So, come and join us on 24 June. Online & international.

These are the 3 sessions you can take advantage of:

11 AM – 12:30 PM EET [CET+1, BST+2]

FinTech & PropTech: Trends on the overlap

12:30 – 2:00 PM EET [CET+1, BST+2]

2:00 – 3:00 PM EET [CET+1, BST+2]

So, what’s hot in ConTech?