In the eye of the corona virus storm we researched 109 information sources in order to shape the C-crisis and its consequences in any relevant business aspect, from figuring out what’s going on and sketching out the lines of emerging trends, to planning the Present from the standpoint of the Future. As a result, naturally we created Scenario Planning Series for businesses, and structured that enormous information wave into 7 manageable parts.

PART 1 opens the talks on why Scenario Planning, what being ‘antifragile’ is, and why acting rather than waiting is the tipping point in the C-crisis.

PART 2 talks about similarities and differences between the 2008 Financial downturn and the current C-crisis, and we set the scene for Scenario Planning in action.

In PART 3, 4 and 5 we structured 74 sources, observations and predictions into the C-crisis PESTLE Analysis. Part 3 focuses on Political & Legal trends. Part 4 discusses Economic trends, and Part 5 – Social & Tech.

Furthermore, Part 4 – the Economic part of the PESTLE Analysis, reflects a zoom-out/zoom-in perspective, as we pay a very close attention to (a) Hit, Boosted, Transformed, and completely New industry sectors as a result from the corona crisis, and (b) the C-crisis as a structural break to Business Models, as ‘it isn’t just an economic shock: it is a shock to customer behaviours and business models too.’

Based on the PESTLE Analysis any business is encouraged to complete a SWOT analysis as a natural next step, thus assessing its capabilities in the perspective of new external factors.

Additionally, PART 6 lists further definite actions any business should undertake to assess its capabilities and plan its counter actions against the shock. And finally,

PART 7: we present the Re-gnosis approach to our Present. We have always been taught that the best practice is to plan for the future FROM the Present BASED on the past. What about planning for the Present FROM the future? This is what RE-gnosis is and it works perfect when you are not clear for the present, past might be completely irrelevant, and future is too vague and misty.

Here are the 7 parts and the links to the full set of information. We are happy to share them with you.

PART 1 | Scenario Planning for lockdown business people, or What to do till the dust in the air settles – link

PART 2 | Cinemas are closed till real life feels like a movie, or Which trends during the corona crisis are clear – link

The Corona Crisis PESTLE, or Trends we see now that will affect us in the future (in 3 parts)

PART 3 : Political + Legal – link

PART 4 : Economics – link

PART 5 : Social + Technological – link

PART 6 | Race against Time, or What to do right now as soon as possible? – link

PART 7 | The RE-gnosis, or How to bridge the gap from the future to the present? – link