2020 has been highly turbulent for all businesses, no matter whether we talk about changes in business as a result of high market demand, or challenges due to the dramatic drop of market demand. However, most businesses are somewhere in between.

Amids the stormy turbulence, PrEXCELerator team searched through 109 information sources and delivered the ‘Scenario Planning for Business’ Series. The Series were shared by British-Bulgarian Business Association [BBBA], Bulgarian Association of Management Consulting Organisations [BAMCO], Club Predpriemach, and many others. We shared an easy-to-comprehend knowledge on how to navigate through the stormy waters, rather than just sit and watch how our businesses crash.

On 27/02/2020 the 2nd edition of BULGARIA: PropTech Mapping Report 2020 was presented. We analysed 64 PropTech solutions and 30 Smart City, Smart Building, and Smart Home tech companies. Furthermore, we were among the first PropTech national associations in the world to analyse the impact of Covid-19 on the PropTech companies within our reach. Hence, on 02/04/2020 we published BULGARIA: Covid-19 PropTech Impact Report. The Report results were published by prominent inter/national media such as Capital Weekly and PlaceTech.

On 4-5/11/2020 PropTech Bulgaria organized the 1st international PropTech Conference in South-East Europe > PropTech Bulgaria 2020 | SEE Conference. As Elvin Box MCIOB MBA – one of our keynote speakers and Chair of London Constructing Excellence, said,

As the Americans say, “It has been a blast!”

Stats on the SEE Conference speak unequivocally. Satisfaction rate was 8.7 on a 10th-grade scale. The turnout rate was 77 % (this the number of registrants who showed up at the event; at other events in the best cases you have around 50 %). 7.30 hours’ average watch time which equals 71.3 % of the total 10.3 hours’ duration of the Conference. That is unbelievably high!

This is due to the high differentiation of the event we achieved through a 4 months’ intensive marketing campaign.

We did not stop here!

We published the first ever market overview on PropTech in the SEE region. 2020 South-East Europe PropTech Trends eBook was issued in December 2020.

At the same time we lauched the online version of PrEXCELerator Bulgaria all 4 BUSINESS HUBSbusinesshubs.eu. And now all services we deliver you (1) can have them online; (2) can use only single services; (3) can use it whenever you need it.

Meanwhile we launched 4 more TECH HUBS in addition to PropTech Bulgaria. These are: 1st: Impact Ventures, 2nd: Tourism Tech, 3rd: Fashion Tech, 4th: EduTech.

On 04/02/2020 we presented the 1st ever mapping report which identifies and analyses 78 Bulgarian businesses which support the 17 SDGs of UN 2030 (Sustainability Development Goals).

We did not stop here.

We matched the trends amids impact enrepreneurs and large corporates in Bulgaria. This is why, additionally we identified and analysed more than 250 CSR projects (Corporate Social Responsibility); positioned them also along the 17 SDGs; and selected 80 outstanding projects in 2019.

On 29/10/2020 we presented the 1st ever analysis on Tourism Tech ventures in Bulgaria called BULGARIA: Tourism Tech Mapping Report 2020. The news about its results were hosted by TV Evropa and BNR. The Report identifies, and analyses all Bulgarian tech solutions which serve along 13 industry process stages.

55 Bulgarian tech solutions which operate in the Tourism industry were analysed.

And finally, in December 2020 we launched the Fashion Tech aspect of PrEXCELerator Bulgaria; in February 2020 – EduTech.

To achieve such high results in such a short time – only within a year, we have partnered with a selected number of national and international organizations. We highly appreciate their contribution, and would like to express our special thanks to our exceptionally good team!


Are you READY TO SEE the 2020 results of PrEXCELerator Bulgaria?