Можете да прочетете оригиналната публикация на този линк.

The first report on Bulgarian technological solutions in the industries of Construction, Real Estate Management, Property Management, and Facility Management has just been released.

Bulgaria: PropTech & ConTech Mapping Report 2019 is released by Strategy+Business Lab. The company is a member of the Management Board of PropTech & ConTech Cluster – Bulgaria.

Strategy+Business Lab is the exclusive partner for Bulgaria of two of the largest international PropTech organizations and networks, namely, FUTURE: PropTech, London, and EU PropTech House, Brussels.

The Report is released and distributed with the kind partnership of Sofia Investment Agency and Trakia Economic Zone.

The Mapping Report reveals information often asked for by foreign PropTech investors.

There is not a single cross-section view that can produce a classification in a given area. The same holds true for the PropTech.

Indeed, Bulgaria: PropTech & ConTech Mapping Report is not aimed at coming up with an elaborate analysis, rather it means to give the big picture view on the Bulgarian PropTech industry, alongside the major findings needed to answer the big question ‘Who is Who in the Zoo’.

It is for a purpose that the classification of companies within the sector factors in findings of critical value only.

The classification made keeps pace with the construction life-cycle, accordingly, the real-estate life-cycle. Of preference, Strategy+Business Lab classified PropTech & ConTech companies in Bulgaria within this spectrum; reason being, it helps to figure out which market niches have been intensely penetrated, and which remain free.

Bulgaria: PropTech & ConTech Mapping Report topics are as follows:

PropTech & ConTech Industry Analysis
1.ConTech Mapping
2.PropTech Mapping
3.PropTech Companies Already on the Market
4.PropTech Startups to Watch
5.Companies Supporting PropTech
The Report is available for a free download here: https://prexcelerate.eu/reports/